July 10, 2014

Mama's behind the wheel!

My kids didn't believe I could actually drive (though I assured them it was so) until yesterday when I FINALLY received my local driver's license. It took many months, three medical exams, countless hours of memorizing poorly-translated and utterly pointless multiple choice questions, a renewed American drivers license through the mail (oversight on our part), and a renewed visa. Then I took a nail-biting 45-minute test, on which I scored 94%, and was finally handed my prize.
Why are ID pics so hideous? I look a lot like my late grandmother here, actually, which redeems it some.

But only the kids were around to congratulate me. Daniel is out of the country attending some on-campus classes, where he is soaking up the sun and eating at places like this:

And this:
Steak Gorgonzola, anyone? In my dreams.