May 18, 2014

Zion, Inc.

For Zion's 7th birthday, he requested a Monsters, Inc. party. Thankfully, I found a Monsters, Inc. party pack at a moving sale a month ago. I snatched that party pack up faster than one could say "sold" and tucked it away for Zion's big day.

His birthday was on a Sunday this year, and so I sent him to Sunday school with a couple dozen cupcakes just like my mom used to make (an old family recipe). He felt so special, which made all the baking worth it, of course.

Daniel, the streamer man, taped a protractor-worthy number 7 at the edge of our landing, using streamers in the color scheme of Monsters, Inc. He is a closet artist, you know.

I am terrible with streamers, but pretty good with a bowl of frosting. Mike Wazowski was soon ready for his big appearance at the birthday party.
The cake layers were red velvet, per Zion's request.

The party was a big success. It was a good crowd, hand-picked by Zion.

After the party, when it was just the six of us again, there was homemade minestrone for supper, per Zion's request, and warm cheddar beer bread (which is the only good use for beer, according to Eugene), and a nice evening together in the quiet of our home.

If our family were a body, you would be the blood, carrying good stuff around to each of us, nourishing us daily with your love-rich self. If everybody in the world were more like you, this world would be a better place.

All my love and happy birthday,