May 11, 2014

A forgotten Mother's Day

My eyes fluttered opened.

First of all, that never happens on the weekends. Usually my eyes pop open, to the sound of a crash or a cry or a sibling squabble.

My body felt like part of the bed, which is only ever the case when one has slept long and late. Daniel's pillow sat motionless beside me, imprinted with the shape of his head.

He never gets up before me. Hmm..

Just then my phone trilled with an incoming text message. It was a group text from a friend that read, "Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers!"

It's Mother's Day! I had no idea. And my sweet husband let me sleep in on my special day. What a guy!

But the real surprise was emerging from my room, wobbly from sleep, to see my hunky husband, dressed and computing, before a giant bouquet of red roses, a Starbucks latte, and chocolate a muffin.

The day was lovely, and included handmade cards from each of the kids, a nice tribute at fellowship, lunch at Burger King, and a strawberry shortcake. I finished up the day with a cup of hot Rosehip Tea brought to me all the way from Turkey.
I say, I should forget Mother's Day every year. It makes it even better!