April 06, 2014

free will

Why did G0D give us free will, anyway?

Ironically, He didn't have much of  a choice. At least not if He was going to make beings in His own image. To be like Him, we needed to be (among other things) passionate, creative, and...free.

So what is free will, exactly?

Allow me to introduce a visual.
Zion learned to ride his bike on March 29.

A dad runs beside his kid. 
"Steady," says the Dad.
"I can't," says the kid.
"Eyes forward. Pedal. That's it."
"Ahh, ughh, ohh," from the kid.
"You got it. You're doing great. I'm letting go. I'm letting go."

And then a panting dad stands still in the road, looking on. A stream of sweat darkens his green T-shirt. He watches his kid and smiles broadly. His eyes are twinkling. His heart is full.

Because he can give all the right instructions and cheer until his voice is hoarse, but in the end, we are the ones who must pedal. 

Similarly, we much choose faith. And then we must practice faith. We must not quit when the tires wobble. Believing is something that each person must do alone.