April 21, 2014

A filthy, funny, Easter with friends!

Daniel and I with Amy and Tim.
Some friendships are just worth it.

They are worth 16-hours on the overnight train, confined to hard sleeping benches with USED sheets. Ew.

They are worth my 9-year-old son holding his bowel movement too long (to avoid using the pee-flooded lavatory) and then running down the hall of the train yelling, "I pooped my pants," with me close at his heels, stooping to pick up the deposits which are tumbling from his shorts.


They are even worth the annoying looks into our private car every five minutes from curious people wanting a peek at the white people with their foreign-smelling salami sandwiches.

(I gotta say, though, after all we'd been through, those salami sandwiches were dang good.)
It's just that some friendships are worth it, and no amount of funk or gunk can keep us from making our Easter trip to the Hedden's.

We love them that much.

And the feelings are mutual, I'm sure.
Jubilee with her buddy, Andrew, the youngest Hedden.
Brother-sister love on the choo choo train.
Home school on the train.
Working on his PhD from the train.
The hallway of the train.
The four littlest playing together at the Hedden's. Evie, the sweetie-pie on the left, is the Hedden's foster daughter. There were 14 of us sleeping under one roof.
We got together with an old friend while in town. In this pic, Daniel is holding her second child whom we hadn't yet met. Our friend and her husband are both minority citizens, so they are allowed to have two children.
Tim and Daniel performing the skit they wrote for Easter morning. Hilarious. Easter at the Hedden's involves stout coffee at all hours, lots of chocolate, home baked bread, late nights, and more laughs than a Steve Carell movie.