October 06, 2013

boiled eggs and bowties

Hubby has his computer home for the weekend, and he gets internet (services here are confusing), so I'm fumbling with his Mac so that I can put some fuzzy pictures up of the events of late.

On Friday we celebrated Doreen's birthday - in conjunction with my own - by going out for hot pot! What is hot pot, you might ask? Picture a table with holes cut into it, into which metal pots have been lowered. Beneath the pots there are heat sources, and inside the pots there is rich broth.  Into the broth patrons plop all sorts of things to be cooked in the hot soup; such as, but not limited to, quail eggs, shrimp rolls, potatoes, tofu skins, meatballs, sliced beef and pork, mushrooms, and white yams. Then there are oils, salts, and herbs to be mixed in little dipping bowls, and there is lots of laughter and loud conversation. One's face feels soft for days afterward from the fragrant steam.

Zion was the life of the party!  Momo, does this bring back memories of the early 80's? ;)

Then on Saturday morning, all four kids were in a wedding. The boys' Tae Kwon Do instructor, whose English name is Moose, wed his high school sweetheart in a smoke-filled banquet hall where the liquor flowed as freely as the groom's happy tears. Moose and his friends are not yet believers. You can join us in praying for them! The kids love their Tae Kwon Do instructor.

Jubilee was a flower girl, Bright and Zion carried the bride's train as she walked down the aisle, and Bright was also the ring bearer. Brave was supposed to be involved, but he pleaded hysterically to be relieved of duty. I eventually conceded, and so Brave spent the ceremony sitting at the table unwrapping and eating every body's chocolates.

And then after all that, my birthday was today! But the pictures of my special day haven't yet loaded. When they do - and when Daniel brings home his computer again - I'll share. Gotta love October!