April 17, 2010

"I want some butts!"

This morning Daniel threw out the phrase, "I want some butts!" and it made us both miss our friends back in East Asia.

Our friend, John, is a really funny guy.  He keeps Daniel giggling like a middle-schooler most of the time.  John has taken to quoting the line in Top Gun, when Maverick does his fly-by stunt and spills that guy's coffee and the guy says, "I want some butts!"  Now, among our friends, it has become the thing to say, and it makes me laugh every time.

Here is a video, on John and Alisa's blog, of Daniel and the kids at the ball pit in our city.  Daniel has a great beard and the balloon room was full of balloons that day.

And here is a picture of almost every kid in our little expat community in our city, taken just after our egg hunt on Easter afternoon.  Bright, Zion, and Brave are tucked into the mix.

We are SOOO enjoying our friends here in Van Buren, while remembering with love the friends we get to return to when our visit here is through.

p.s.  Today was Bright's "American" birthday party, which was a sloshy, wonderful time! Our camera is still not working, however, and I just can not bring myself to blog without pictures.  Soon I hope.