April 14, 2010

Hot Rod Bright

It is just past 4 a.m. and I am wide awake. I'm fine with that, since the kids are still in their beds. Zion is singing from his bed, but at least he is in it.

The benefit of jetlag is that one has many more hours in the "day," with which to do things like blog.

Yesterday, while we were trying to keep the kids out in the sunshine, this happened:

The cute little dame in the passenger seat is Bright's three-year-old cousin, Eliana.  The Mustang is hers, though she never really drives it (women!).  Bright, having never driven a car before in his life, saw it, got in it, put it in reverse, backed it up, and then drove off.  Bright does not get excited or emotional about things, though he will talk about it for days afterward.  When he sees something he likes, he is all business.