June 22, 2009

And... they got big.

It seems as if over night, our whole family dynamic has changed. Brave's arrival has pushed both Bright and Zion into boyhood. I'm sure it's partly because having an infant makes me more aware of how big they are, but it also seems as if they now feel a certain level of seniority.

Zion found his shadow. And now he insists on standing with Bright and I to pee pee before I give them a bath at night. Even though nothing happens, when he is “finished,” he shakes things around and walks off confident and satisfied.

Bright has begun climbing everything. Literally, just the other day I looked over and he had made it to the ceiling in our little bungalo. Then he shared with me this little revelation, "Dad, if I was you I'd just keep on washing your buns and never stop." I can't argue with that.