June 01, 2009

7 years together

The day before our anniversary we pulled up youtube and listened to a great Diamond Rio song, Meet in the Middle. One of the verses starts with "It's been seven years tomorrow since we said our vows..." In the video, Mr. Rio has a mullet that almost doesn't fit in his jeep - but it is an awesome song.

The next night, we left our monitors with some friends here at the Juniper Tree so we could go out for dinner. We went to Duke's, where it just so happened to be Mexican Tuesday night special so we both got fajitas! They were stunning, to say the least. The Duke's is small, clean, lit with candles, and plays some really good music. It may be our favorite restaurant here, other than the Jerusalem Falafel place.

After that we hopped in a TukTuk and went to Central mall, not to be confused with the Central mall in Fort Smith, or the other Central mall in Chiang Mai. Yes, there are two very different and distinct malls here that are both named Central mall.

The mall has an awesome export store that sells factory seconds for stores like Gap and Old Navy. We both got some shirts and I bought some well needed pants. Kayla went to the cow-girl shop and got a really cool bracelet. Chiang Mai, to be so small, has got to be one of the most Western towns in all the East.

I can't believe it really has been seven years. When we were engaged we met an old man in Indianapolis who told us that marriage got better every day. I think he's right.