December 04, 2008

We're having another baby!

We are 12 weeks pregnant today! We've been waiting to make the announce- ment until a healthy 12-week check-up. So here you are...a picture of our little trouble-maker. When I say trouble-maker, I mean TROUBLE. I've been sicker than a frat boy on Sunday morning.

This has been hard to keep off the blog. It's been our whole world for the past 6 weeks, mainly because of how sick I've been. The boys have eaten nothing but PB&Js and bananas, and Daniel has been eating...I don't even know what. Whatever he can find, poor guy. He's a champ, though. Where his wife once stood, he now has a haggard lump on the sofa under a blanket in her pajamas. We don't have heat and it is COLD so I rarely change my layers and layers of clothes except to shower (which doesn't happen very often because it makes me sick). My sister-in-law, Kerry, sent me a sweater for my birthday in October and I wear it almost every day. Last week I turned it inside-out, and for a split second Daniel thought I had put on something new.

And I must tell you about my ultrasound appointment today. Men and young children beware. First of all, getting dressed and out of the house is a big deal, so I didn't want to go far. I opted to walk around the corner to the neighborhood "hospital." Let's just say it was no St. Joseph's. After asking me how far along I thought I was, they asked (literally translated), "Want, yes or no?" It took my friend, Alisa, a few seconds to figure out that they were asking if I wanted the baby. "Want, want, want!!!," she said in their language, shocked. After the ultra sound, they handed me the pee cup. A nurse actually followed me into the bathroom, and stood over me while I squatted and peed in the "squatty" (a ceramic hole in the floor), taking my full cup before I was even finished peeing! Then it was time for the exam. I was ushered into a room where a woman was still pulling up her pants. I saw her entire backside in full-moon, and the nurse didn't even balk! The lady smiled broadly at me as she kicked her feet back into her shoes on the muddy floor and walked out. At least they wore gloves and took their instruments out of sealed packages. Yikes, people!

The due date is June 18. This one will be 25 months younger than Zion, who is 25 months younger than Bright. Can't wait to meet baby #3!