December 08, 2008

Two-for-one Top Ten Lists

Top Ten foods we crave while living in Asia (not what we would have thought)
10. fresh Jalapeno peppers
9. cottage cheese
8. Chick-Fil-A
7. Cheesecake Factory
6. A good, medium-rare steak smothered in seasoned butter
5. CORN tortilla chips (not a lot of corn over here)
4. real butter
3. real milk
2. A turkey sandwich on wonder bread with a slice of Kraft Singles cheese, mayo, and crushed potato chips
1. Dutch pea soup (Kayla) and corn dogs (Daniel)

Bonus: Top Ten smells that throw me over the edge right now (I'm pregnant, remember)
10. My three-year-old's hind end, which gets washed every night
9. My gas range stove turning on
8. Everyone's breath
7. The inside of my refrigerator
6. onions
5. cereal that has been sitting in the milk too long
4. flowers
3. Zion's poopy diapers
2. Daniel's gas
1. pretty much everything except dryer sheets and airheads candy