November 05, 2008


This was my first time to dress up for Halloween in years. And I loved it. For less than $10, Kayla and I were transformed into Breathless Betty and Buccaneer Bradshaw (our assigned characters at the murder mystery party we attended). In case you don't know... A Buccaneer is a highly skilled sailor hired by the Governor (played by Josh) to bring rebellious and pesky pirates (played by John and others, see below) to justice. Breathless Betty was the Governor's daughter and a young lady I had my eye on for sure. If I could have brought a pirate to justice during the evening, I would have gained her hand in marriage... Unfortunately, I failed miserably, so Breathless is not mine. Thankfully, Kayla Rupp is.

Just imagine the attention we attracted before the party as we walked out of our apartment, down the street, waited at the #1 bus stop, took the extremely crowded #1 bus, and then walked to our friend's apartment in a tuxedo with tails, a sword, and a full length Victorian dress. If you are the least bit self conscious, then dressing up for Halloween and traipsing across the city in East Asia is not advisable. But, it is definitely fun.

p.s. The new pic at the top of our blog is our city from a small hill to the North. Look closely and you can see the top floor of our apartment complex in the bottom right hand corner. It's the only reddish brick one, and it's our home.