October 21, 2008

Little eyes are watching

They tell us our children are studying us. Nothing we do or say escapes them. Scary, isn't it?

But sometimes, the meager obedience we display shows up in our child's behavior and we, as parents, are motivated to go on trying.

My case and point: today at noon, as I was dishing up mac-n-cheese (straight from a recent care package, keep it coming:) Bright said, "I'm not eating lunch today. I'm fasting."

What would you have done? I'll tell you what I did. I let the kid skip lunch. What a tragedy it would have been to squelch a 3-year-old's efforts to embrace the practice of fasting. Though he was just trying to get out of eating lunch so he could get back to his toys, someday I trust he will be forgoing mac-n-cheese to increase his hunger to know the Father. And that day will come sooner than I think. Until then, he IS watching.