October 12, 2008

Attitude adjustment

"Zion is very extrictable today," Bright announced this morning as the two of them pushed trains on their bedroom rug.

I didn't ask what extrictable means, mostly because I don't have the energy on this rainy Monday. I have a headache and I'm very tired and I need to turn on my DVR and review for my language lesson this afternoon, blah, blah, blah...

It's amazing how easy it is to get a bad attitude. When I was a kid, my dad would ask sternly, "Does someone need an attitude adjustment?" Now that I'm an adult, there is no one here to keep me in check. It's a good thing my 3-year-old knows when to make up a new word, and my 1-year-old knows when to flash his dimples my way. Show me a person anywhere who can frown when she watches her children at play, and I'll show her a psychiatrist.

We adults would run a pretty gloomy world if we were it's only inhabitants. Thankfully we share this stuffy old place with children.