February 29, 2008

A turtle named Sea Horse

Tonight we pulled in to World Wide Pets and purchased our 5th family member - a tiny turtle who Bright affectionately named, without hesitation, "Sea Horse." The man at the pet store said he could live 20-30 years!

And so this evening, we converted my extra Pyrex dish into Sea Horse's home. While I was whipping up dinner on the stove, Daniel and Bright were out on the railroad tracks collecting rocks. I'm not sure who loves the turtle more, my almost three-year-old...or his 28-year-old dad. I am convinced that little boys never grow up. After Bright went to bed, Daniel took Sea Horse out of his dish and let him run free on the kitchen floor. He petted his little head and played with his tail, and he has spent the last few hours trying to contrive ways to keep him warm.

But who am I to talk. I am sitting by the dish right now because I'm worried that he might crawl out. I guess we all like the little guy. I just hope he starts eating soon. His little dish of dehydrated shrimp is sitting untouched. I sound just like a mom, don't I, wanting him to eat his dinner!

Welcome to the family, Sea Horse Rupp.