February 25, 2008

Fevers and breast milk

Just when I thought we were well, Bright got a fever (today at noon). He said his knees hurt, and his belly, and he said his feet were cold, and he said he didn't want to eat his hot dog at lunch (that's when I knew something was wrong). His fever soon spiked, leaving his cheeks flush and cute. I bought him a new movie at Wal-Mart and gave him a dose of Children's Tylenol Plus, praying over him that he would NOT end up having the flu. As it turns out, the fever broke some time this evening, and he was running around the house in his Mater underwear saying, "I'm feeling better, Mom."

Zion has managed to stay well, so far. He is cruising on the furniture now, all 15 pounds of him. He still prefers what's under my shirt to what I offer him from a spoon. I think he'll be nursing right up to his first day of school. He'll pull out his lunch box and in it will a be a thermos of breast milk and nothing else. Oh well, I suppose he could be hooked on worse substances.