June 23, 2007

Growing Like a Wildflower

Four weeks ago Zion was only 4 and a half pounds. Now after much eating, pooping, spit up-ing, and sleeping he has gained 3 whole pounds! (Notice the unashamed use of the classic "before and after" strategy with these pics - I could do ad's for weight loss medication easily, and with some practice, maybe even age defying make-up.)

A good friend in Memphis, who has three sons of his own, taught me once that you can never let your sons beat you in anything. They need to know that Daddy is invincible. Well, I've been hitting the gym pretty hard for the past few months in an attempt to gain weight and my youngest son is already showing me up - I can't even touch three pounds... I guess even the ol' vitamin D whole milk doesn't stack up to momma's breast milk. And I don't even poop nine times a day.

Big storm come through a couple of days ago. High winds and heavy rain. Headed East on I-40 we passed a large sign, downed by the wind. Kayla pointed out that while the expensively engineered sign had fallen, all the little wild flowers stood around it like nothing had even happened. Peter and James were right, He is indeed opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.