April 12, 2007

Reflections on Pneumonia

Pneumonia, it's really just an infection in your lungs, but it makes one think. Much coughing is not good for a man. Neither is too much time spent on the couch. As I sit here, age 27, in the prime of my life, possibly in the best health I've ever been in, I'm confronted with the reality that my body really is more fragile than I would like to believe.

Yesterday, my son, who will undoubtedly someday think of himself as invincible as well, stood in the doorway of my quarantined room and said, "Daddy sick. P'ay for him." He promptly clasped his hands and bowing my head, I followed suit. You see when we adults bow our heads, most of the time we don't really think anything will happen. But when a two year old boldly approaches the throne he expects answers.

Often before or after a prayer, Bright will remind us of the time "He healed the car." On our way to our first family vacation, the Olds started acting up (surprise, surprise...) and we didn't know if we should turn around or not. We pulled over and we all prayed that He would heal the car. He did, and Bright has not forgotten.

One of our many fun destinations on "Family 'cation!", as Bright called it.

So... from across the room, with hands firmly clasped, and his little head nodding in affirmation, I hear my little man say, "Please make Daddy feel better."