April 09, 2007

Daddy's Boy

I can't believe it but my son is now (well actually tomorrow) 2 years old! He really is turning into a big boy. He says full sentences. He has his own opinions. He would like to do very specific things: "Ready go hunting, momma stay home." "Go outside, throw rocks in the creek." Or, like we heard over the monitor last night around 10 pm, in a deeply distressed voice "Wanna cookie... Wanna cookie..." He can hoot like an owl, cut like a turkey, and if you ask him to "Keep your eyes out for deer" he will blink very frequently and with great focus lean his head forward as if by straining the deer will be forced to appear. He wears his big boy backpack that he got at his birthday party. It's filled with all the things a young man needs at his disposal: multiple bulldozers, race cars, helicopters, trains, and balls.

Like in Wilmore, we have a train that just about goes through our living room every day. Therefore, he loves trains. A couple of weeks ago, Kayla took him to the zoo and after a day of seeing exotic animals from all over the world the one thing he remembered was riding the kiddy train around the park.

I can't imagine what it will be like to have two boys. Camping, hunting, hiking, throwing all kinds of things, burning all kinds of things, killing and eating all kinds of things. Basically, I love being a father. I'd love to have a daughter one day if He wills. But, if all I ever recieve is little boys, I will enjoy every day of watching and helping them become men. Someday, I hope that they will become Oaks of righteousness. But for now, it is just the beginning of Spring and we have two little seedlings on our hands.