April 11, 2018

Late winter fun

Took a trip to Harbin with Sarah. Ice castles and shockingly cold temperatures!
St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin.
Short stay at a beach with the Greenes!
Jubi Sue rocking the paddle board.
Zip lining over the water.

His first Thai massage.

A fruit harvester with his harvesting monkey and harvesting pole.
The ferry back to mainland.

Brothers in matching astronaut pajamas. 
Out on the town with Jessie. They are pregnant with their second! Yay for the new 2-child policy.
Making pickles with Sarah and Anita. 
The trees are dropping their blossoms. I love this picture (Brave conquering the tree while Jubi and Layla collect petals).

Ten of us women went camping together. We ended up getting snowed out and pushing that minibus uphill in the snow with no men to help us! We bonded alright.
Gene, Moses, Harry Potter, and the view from Gene's loft bed.
Scoutmaster Rupp hamming it up with Gene, Chesed, and Caleb.
Cooking his famous hash browns for his patrol.
My childhood friend Nicole's daughter April came to stay in our city for two months!
For Sarah's birthday we had a Pride & Prejudice viewing on our roof with tea and scones.
I love Sarah, to whom I get to be a "Miss Allison" and to whom I am grateful for making me feel young again.
We finished up home school early so we'd be ready to head to the States in just 5 days!
Let's not forget Easter! 
Let's also not forget Pi Day!
Here's the recipe for the pie I made for Pi Day. It comes from the kitchen of Amy Hedden. I miss you, Amy!!!