December 22, 2016

Show Biz!

Last summer I was in L.A., hunting stars, hoping to catch a glimpse of a famous face. A good look at Mario Lopez's dimpled left cheek was as close as I got to a run-in with stardom.

And then I came back home to East Asia, and while I'm going about my life, an opportunity arrises for me and my whole family to be in a movie. A real one. Look it up on IMDb, it's called "The Lady and the Panda," and it's a true story about the first panda to come to America in 1936 (the panda, which was only a baby, was smuggled out of China in the handbag of a prominent American named Ruth Harkness).

And it wasn't just my family who took part! A whole bunch of our besties were there too. Because the movie is being filmed exclusively over here - so as to be near the pandas - caucasian people were needed to fill their "Chicago zoo" scene and their "ship bound for New York" scene.  For a meager 500 kuai per day (which is less than $100) we hung around their mountainside filming location for two days, sleeping in rooms with no heat, and eating hardly anything but squid-flavored potato chips and boiled buns.

But we got to be in a movie!!

(Or so we think. Maybe all our scenes will be cut. In fact, probably they will).

But we're telling ourselves we get to be in a movie!!

Places, places everyone!

Back to wardrobe.
Makeup check.
Every hair in place.
Looking good!
Why don't we dress our boys like this anymore??
Daniel hanging with the actors. 
Staying warm between shoots.
Alisa and I weren't exactly obeying the signs.

Passing the time.
The champion of our home school co-op was there, bringing Christmas crafts, Sunday School materials, and books to read to the children (she's nothing short of amazing).
Daniel and I on set. A steamship station in "Shanghai."
Selfie on set.
We did a lot of sitting around. Our vintage shoes were not comfortable. (That is fake sunlight streaming in the "window")
And we took a lot of pictures between takes. 
He should have been an actor.

And the best shot of all? Are you ready for it? Children, cover your eyes...