April 08, 2016

Baby girl

One year ago last week, I was invited to spend the first night of this little girl's life holding her, changing her, and helping her mama (my dear friend, Alisa) at the local birthing hospital.

You can see, Brave is smitten with Addy, too.

During that night, I not only cared for Addy, but I got to massage Alisa's bum when it grew numb! If she tried to move, it hurt her stitches, you understand. Where was her husband? Getting a good night's sleep at home, of course. The hospital beds here are made for little guys, and John ain't no little guy.

So you might say I have a special place in my heart for Addy Greene. I think that night was made all the more special for me by the fact that I didn't get to hold my own daughter during her first night of life. Nor her second. Nor her 202nd.

I often wonder about the woman who did hold her that night. Where is she now? How many times a day does she think about Jubilee? How does she cope with what must be an insatiable curiosity, one that will never be satisfied?

Or at least not in this life. My prayer for Jubi's birth mom is that she will hear the Good News (if she hasn't already) and choose to believe, so that one day, when we have all gone to Heaven, I'll be able to introduce her to our beautiful daughter.

My own sweet, delightful, and truly amazing baby girl.