May 22, 2015

Jurassic Party

WARNING: Zion is 8
For his 8th birthday, our mop-haired man wanted a dinosaur party based on the movie Jurassic Park (which Daddy let him see on their last opthomologist run to Hong Kong).
Zion thought through the guest list, filled the favor bags, and browsed hundreds of images of T-Rex on my ipad before settling on this for his cake.
I did that icing-on-wax-paper-placed-over-desired-image thing.
It was a very cute group.
The cups were labeled, and everyone was sat, by Zion, according to who would best converse with whom over pizza. Zion is quite in tune to the complexities of group behavior.
I free-handed that dino mural on the wall, I'll admit. High school art class pays off at last.
Birthday candles were a problem last minute (I had none) but our neighbor, Mrs. Ko, came through for us just in time.

Zion has lots of friends, but his siblings are his biggest fans.

And he's not afraid to wear a dino costume at his party. Nor the hat while coloring in his new dino coloring book.

I love your raspy voice and your thunderclap laugh. I love your overflowing heart, your eye for detail, and your keen spirit. I love the way you feel the joy - and the pain - of those around you, without losing hold of your own fine identity. I simply melt to a puddle on the floor when your wrap your little arms, twisted with muscle, around my waist and bury your face, glasses and all, into the folds of my T-shirt. You and your box of crayons march into a room and everyone...smiles. We can't help it. We just do. YOU do that to us. You are a wonderful person, Zion Daniel. Happy 8th birthday to you!

I love you with all my heart,