April 04, 2015

Addy in the world

Addelyn Taylor Greene is here! (Addy will probably become her nickname)
Late night hospital selfie. I got to hold Addy all through her first night!
And here is the "belly cake" I made for Alisa's shower a couple of weeks ago. I promise you, I didn't mean to make such a plunging neckline, but with no ball-pans or fondant, this was the outcome. Alisa looks a wee bit embarrassed having her picture taken with madame cake, but I hear it tasted good (I'm gluten/dairy/egg free, so I can no longer sample my cakes).

For that matter, I was a bit embarrassed making the cake, rubbing my icing spatula down the cleavage and all. Although I did enjoy the process. I would have loved working at a bakery.

I love the ladies in my life!
At the shower, from the back: MySan, Sonya, Ashlei, me, Anita, Alisa, and Laura