January 10, 2013

Beads of Joy

Here is what I've discovered, in a nutshell: life is a string of difficulties, threaded with colorful beads of joy. The way I figure it, if I've got to suffer through this life with somebody, it may as well be with these four kids, this sweet man, these unique relatives, these loyal friends, and these real neighbors.

So in the mornings now, when Daniel leaves the house in his khakis and messenger bag, and I say goodbye to him from behind my coffee mug with kids hanging on the hem of my robe, he smiles compassionately.

"But you'd rather suffer with these little ones than with anyone else, right?" he challenges.

"Yes," I say, "And I wouldn't rather suffer with any other man."

He blows me a kiss and closes the door. I turn and face the cute chaos that is my life, with a heart that has been lightened by right expectations and a fresh perspective.