September 02, 2009

The ones he left behind

Now that Bright is off taking the educational world by storm, it is just me and the little ones here at home. We are, admittedly, having loads of fun together. Zion has the run of all the toys. Brave is getting some of Zion's cute attention, which he eats up with delight. I am able to focus on Zion's discipline, training, and love needs all morning long. It is working out in Bright's favor, too. I have all afternoon with him while Zion is napping (since we decided school boys don't take naps) and then when the boys are finally back together in the evenings they have missed each other so that they get along splendidly. Happy school days to us!
Note: You will notice Zion's bloodied nose and fat lip in this picture. No, nothing has changed in that department.