May 05, 2009

Around the lake and back again

Last week, I was crazy enough to accompany three of my friends on a bike ride around the lake that is south of our city. I knew I was in trouble when Josh told me to meet him at 6:15am for a 45 minute "warm up" ride before we joined the other guys at the lake. I was thinking, "I can't remember the last time I rode a bike for 45 minutes, much less 'warmed up' for that long!"

We estimated 120 kilometers (about 70 miles), and 8-10 hours. Around 10am, my only hope was to survive. I really didn't think I had any more in me. Thankfully, my friends were kind enough to slow down their pace with out mentioning it at all. Sometimes, even when I was clearly out of breath, they would ask me questions. The talking helped take my mind off the task at hand.

What we thought would be 120 km, soon turned into 130, a 140, and finally a 145 (90.11 miles to be exact). Here you can see 71km on my bike computer. Later, we stopped for dinner around 3:30 or so, and I was absolutely exhausted. From the restaurant everyone went their separate ways, and I finally made it home at 6:14pm, a full 11 hours and 59 minutes later. The last five kilometers I was going so slow that old women were ringing their little bike bells to get me out of the way, but I did it. I didn't walk one foot, I stayed on that stupid bike for hours and made it home.

That night, I told Kayla that I would never do anything like that again. After a few days, I want to go again soon. Though I hated most of it at the time, there is something about doing something that you really thought was impossible for you. Now I wonder if I could go 100 miles. This time though, I'm gonna buy some of those biking shorts with the pad in the bottom. Maybe multiple pairs, and wear them all simultaneously. Oh yes, and sunscreen. Lots of it.