August 06, 2007

Rollin' in KC

Well, for the past week and coming week, Kayla and the boys are in Michigan for a big family reunion. Tickets were just too much so I have stayed home. I now spend the majority of my time strategically finding meals at my sister's house and missing my family.

This past Thursday and Friday I took a road trip with Lance, a dear friend, up to IHOP in KC. We stayed with John Harrigan and had a thoroughly good time. At one point, we found ourselves in a hardware store that was selling some "tight" hats for just 50 cents!

It was an immediate purchase, secured without question, and with great joy. As we rolled through KC, filling out the bench seat of my pick-up, I in my infinite wisdom (gained on the internet), explained to the boys that "Dubs" referred to 20 inch rims on "pimped out" cars. Furthermore, that "Dubs minus duces" were actually 18 inch rims, which are smaller in size yet sufficient in style.

At a barbecue joint we actually pulled out the tape measure and found many different diameters of rims, some 17 inches, some 22. Needless to say, mass confusion and disillusionment ensued...